DomainTools Monitors

Thousands of domains are registered or dropped every day, and it can be challenging to stay informed. DomainTools monitors do the heavy lifting for you, tracking many different kinds of information and sending you alerts as soon as changes are detected. Your investigations and domain management will benefit from our automated monitoring and alerting, available to all Professional and Enterprise members.


A powerful way to stay informed about the online activities of an organization is to watch the activity on name servers they own. Among other things, this can often signal new online holdings before they are publicly announced. Name Server Monitor puts this power in your hands by tracking changes on monitored servers, saving valuable time and keeping you up to date on hosting changes.

What can I do with Name Server Monitor?

  • Keep a close eye on known or suspected malicious organizations or individuals via the name servers they operate
  • Monitor your competition for new online holdings, or changes to existing ones, before they are publicly announced

Key features:

  • Email alerts tell you when the server resolves new domains or drops existing ones
  • Monitor tracks hosting changes for new, existing, and deleted domains in .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us TLDs
  • Dashboard displays records of the changes for easy reference
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Every member of DomainTools (even free ones) can order Reverse NS Reports. You will be able to download a full list of domains on any name server that we monitor. Reports make it easier for you to sort and parse through the list of domains.

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