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Make Use of Adversary Infrastructure in the Government Sector

Instant Internet intel for disrupting state-sponsored adversaries and evolving threats

See how DomainTools can help you:

  • Speed up MTTR, with native risk context within events
  • Prioritize the massive volume of alerts, at-scale
  • Achieve proactive blocking on network to reduce risky domains
  • Reduce data leakage based on accurate DNS mapping

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The Leader in Near Real-Time Domain and DNS Solutions.


Expose spoofed and lookalike domains and monitor them in near real-time to stay ahead of attacks.


Discover actor infrastructure and analyze threats using your preferred threat intelligence platform.


Simplify threat detection in your SIEM with automated threat hunting, domain profile alerts, and turnkey enrichment.

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Detection at

3x the speed

“Iris Detect and Investigate detected threats three days earlier on average, with most being detected within a three-hour period.”1

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Reduce performance cost by


“Domain-related intelligence tasks took 80% less time and saved $300K in operational costs.”2

Visual target

more malicious domains detected

“Out of 1,000 domains determined to be malicious by Iris Detect, 680 were not found on the industry-standard blocklist.”3

Better Detections and Faster Decisions

Iris Investigate

Streamline cybercrime and cyberespionage investigations using advanced domain intelligence, risk scoring, and passive DNS data accessible through our intuitive interface and APIs. Benefits include:

  • Sophisticated Connections Across Datasets
  • Comprehensive Data Sources
  • Investigation Workflow Management
  • Infrastructure Risk Assessment
Profile window showing overall risk score of 70
Anomali, ThreatConnect, Crowdstrike, Splunk, Elastic, and Rapid7

Integrated Domain Intelligence

Turn threat data into threat intelligence

Our integrations with leading security vendors allow you to:

  • Embed our domain profiles and risk scores directly into preferred SIEM, threat intelligence, or orchestration products
  • Access data and insights directly within your existing SIEM(*)
  • Enrich virtually any tool with the very best data

* Requires SIEM and SOAR integration

Trusted to deliver insight where it matters most.

We’ve been mapping the Internet longer than anyone else and understand adversary behavior patterns better than most. That’s why over 700+ enterprise customers, half the Fortune 100, and the largest Internet companies trust DomainTools.



more malicious domains per month4



more malicious domains5

Avoid up to


of incidents6