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The DomainTools API is organized into distinct products with queries that follow a RESTful URL structure wherever possible. Each product offers free, un-authenticated access for the sample URLs listed with each product. If you haven’t already, you may want to review the getting started document to learn about authentication and response formats.

The Brand Monitor API will search across all new domain registrations worldwide, and return result sets consisting of domain names that contain a customer’s brand or monitored word/string. The Brand Monitor API looks at country code TLDS and new generic TLDs, as well as the usual suspects of .COM, .NET,.ORG, etc.


NOTE: We are unable to provide a functioning test URL for this product because the data changes each day as domain names are registered, placed on-hold, or deleted. See below for a sample response.

By default, the active data set is the list of domain names registered on the day you submit your API query. You should design your system to submit one API query per day for each term you want to monitor. If you experience a temporary failure in your processing routines, you can catch up on missing alerts up to six days back by providing the days_back parameter in your request.

Brand Monitor Parameters

Parameters Description
query Required.
One or more terms, where the pipe character ( | )may be used as a logical AND to require that all strings be present in order to match. For example, domain | tools will match “domaintools” but will not match “domain” or “tools.”
exclude Domain names with these words will be excluded from the result set. For exclusions of multiple terms, use the ( | )character as a logical AND. In such a case, a domain would have to contain all of the excluded strings in order to be excluded from matching. To exclude individual terms, create separate exclude parameters.
domain_status Sets the scope of domain names to search. By default, the API will search
both new domain names and domains which are now on-hold (pending delete).
To narrow your search to only one of these status codes, set this
parameter to either new or on-hold.
days_back Use this parameter in exceptional circumstances where you need to search
domains registered up to six days prior to the current date. Set the value
to an integer in the range of 1-6.

For best results, schedule your daily update to occur no sooner than 3am Pacific time. This ensures the data has been fully processed and is ready for your use.

Because each query consumes resources regardless of whether a match is found, your API account will be charged for each request you submit to the API even if no domain names match your query.

Sample Response

   response: {
     query: "finance",
     exclude: "auto|best",
     new: true,
     on-hold: true,
     date: "2011-03-02",
     total: 2,
     alerts: [
         domain: "24hourfinance.info",
         status: "on-hold"
         domain: "actionis-finance.com",
         status: "new"

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