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2018 DomainTools Cybersecurity report card
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Survey Report: 2018 Cybersecurity Report Card

Like it or not, good grades matter. And as organizations become increasingly focused on benchmarking internal groups for their ability to run efficiently and add business value, cybersecurity teams must be positioned to measure the effectiveness and sophistication of their programs against industry standards.

This paper outlines the results of the DomainTools second annual Cybersecurity Report Card Survey. More than 500 security professionals from companies ranging in size, industry and geography were surveyed about their security posture and asked to grade the overall health of their programs. Their responses, particularly when compared to the results of the 2017 Report Card, shed light on how cybersecurity practices are evolving, and what the most successful organizations are doing to ensure they stay ahead of the ever-growing and changing threat landscape.

Key findings from this survey include:

  • GPAs are Rising: Overall, report card grades improved in 2018
  • Easy A: Strategic use of automation technology plays a significant role among highly-rated programs
  • Higher Education: One surprising finding was the decrease in malware analysis when investigating attacks
  • Room for Improvement: Even with top marks, there is always room for growth. The survey revealed threat infrastructure as one key opportunity for teams to hone in on and strengthen their posture