The Impact of the SolarWinds Breach on Cybersecurity
The Impact of the SolarWinds Breach on cybersecurity report
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The Impact of the SolarWinds Breach on Cybersecurity

Key Takeaways From the SolarWinds Breach and SUNBURST Malware

The SolarWinds hack has presented a cybersecurity reckoning at a scale never before seen for the US government and private enterprises. While the width and depth of the state-sponsored attacks are yet to be determined, one thing is certain: the fallout from the SolarWinds hack is going to get worse before it gets better.

To help determine the impact this breach has had on organizations, we conducted a survey among security professionals in order to provide the infosec community with insights into the cybersecurity world post-SolarWinds.

Survey highlights and areas of relevance include:

  • How organizations handled the hack and how job roles were impacted
  • How the priorities of threat hunting and DNS and domain-level intelligence were affected
  • What resources have been reallocated and how budgets have shifted
  • How organizations are reevaluating risk under the assumption they were compromise
  • What process improvements have been made in response to state-sponsored attacks