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Introducing the Newest DomainTools App for Splunk

Improve Your Situational Awareness Around Dangerous Infrastructure

Each second, there is a massive influx of events in SIEM tools, and these numbers continue to rise. With this in mind, organizations need the ability to triage alerts and increase situational awareness at scale. The DomainTools App for Splunk allows SOC personnel to rapidly enrich domains seen in their environment with Domain Risk Scores, domain age, Whois data, IP addresses, active DNS, and SSL certificate data. This helps analysts, threat hunters, and incident responders develop reliable intelligence on cyber-adversary infrastructure and uncover what threats it may pose. Join DomainTools’ Dan Nunes and Tim Helming for a look at the latest enhancements to the DomainTools App for Splunk, and some key use cases to help enhance your security operations.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. How the DomainTools App for Splunk can help you pinpoint potentially dangerous connections, quickly and efficiently
  2. Why characterizing and connecting adversary assets is a key workflow for many SOC teams
  3. What we’ve updated and enhanced in our latest version of the app