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Taking Control of Your Post COVID-19 Budget

COVID-19 Crisis Shifts Threat Intelligence Priorities and Budgets

With attackers taking advantage of the global pandemic, threat surfaces increasing with the remote workforce, and budgets being reduced or postponed—security teams face a trifecta of challenges in maintaining or obtaining the resources they need to actively defend their organization. This panel uniquely brings together the point of view from the perspective of three key roles, the security practitioner, threat intelligence director, and CISO to explore: What threat intel technologies do CISOs consider essential and how do they make that decision? How do practitioners who rely on these tools present a fiscally responsible economic case with a high level of visible return? How can teams do more with less to reduce risk while managing multiple tools? What is the role of advanced technology, such as ML and AI, in complementing human intuition? What will be the priorities heading into 2021? And how can practitioners use these skills to help accelerate their career growth?


  • Maurice Stebila | Panelist
    CISO, IT Security, Compliance and Privacy Officer at HARMAN International, CISSP, Harman International
  • Pablo Quiros | Panelist
    Director, Advanced Cyber Capabilities, SecOps, CLEAR
  • Tazz | Panelist
    Director of Due Diligence and Threat Intelligence, Divine Intel LLC
  • Tim Chen | Moderator
    CEO, DomainTools