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Staying Ahead of Attackers: DNS Blacklisting For the Win!

Here’s the problem: users love to click evil stuff and visit evil websites (even if it’s by accident). This results in malware being installed, and any number of horrible things could happen; ransomware, intellectual property theft, credential harvesting, and even complete domain admin!

Paul Asadoorian considers the massive number of solutions available today to address this problem, but also considers the easy wins. Joff Thyer and Paul Asadoorian also began to experiment with some easy ways to block known bad domains. It turns out this is not only pretty easy to do with DNS, but it’s pretty cheap (even free!). Paul Asadoorian has implemented this type of solution in his own office with great success, and we hope your enterprise will benefit from it as well. Joff even wrote an open-source tool to help with sending those pesky ads and malware domains away for good.

DomainTools offers awesome assistance in this area, too, and some of their experts will come along for the ride to provide some valuable insights into both the problem and the solution.