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A digital report cover from "enterprise strategy group" with the title "the economic benefits of DomainTools internet intelligence integration", discussing improvements in security efficiency and ROI, authored by Avi Prasad.
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The Economic Benefits of DomainTools Internet Intelligence

With so many emerging threats leveraging attacker-controlled domains across the globe, it is critical to have the ability to investigate and document as much information as possible regarding the origin of an attack, which other domains attackers are working with or acting against, and any other defining technical or behavioral information that can be used to help detect where attackers may appear next. 

When threat hunting, many rely on simple Whois and DNS searches that can provide some basic information about how and when domains were registered, but SOC analysts, threat intelligence managers, and incident response teams looking to proactively identify and block access to attackers require more historical context and behavioral correlation to better profile threat actors, phishing sites, and typosquatters, among others, before they become a problem.

Download this white paper to learn how DomainTools can empower your security teams to: 

  • Identify 83% more malicious domains per month 
  • Spend 79% less time and effort on manual domain-related intelligence tasks
  • Increase response time by 14% 
  • Proactively avoid up to 82% of incidents