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SANS Top New Attacks and Threat Report
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SANS Top New Attacks and Threat Report

There is no shortage of media coverage of breaches and outages, and there are many places to find backward-looking statistics about how many attacks were launched in cyberspace. What is harder to find is expert analysis of the areas security managers should prioritize in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with known threats while also minimizing the risk from emerging attacks. For the past 13 years, the SANS “Five Most Dangerous Attacks” expert panel at the annual RSA Conference1 has filled that gap. This SANS white paper begins with a baseline of statistics from two of the most reliable sources of breach and malware data, then summarizes the expert advice from the SANS instructors on the RSA panel, detailing the emerging threats to look out for in 2019 and beyond.

This report includes information surrounding:

  • The top new attacks and threats
  • Deeper insight into overall cybersecurity trends on both the offensive and defensive sides
  • Advice from SANS on the steps enterprises must take to evolve critical skills, processes and controls to mitigate current and future risks