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We Don’t Make Light of Security: Introducing Iris Investigate Dark Mode

If you’re an infosec practitioner, you have undoubtedly used many tools that have a “dark theme,” whether by default or as a configurable option. Most command line interfaces have light type against a dark background, and so do a lot of GUIs for interpreting or configuring security information.

There are some good reasons for these modes—they aren’t just cosmetic. Darker screens can reduce eye fatigue, especially for people who spend extended time looking at screens. And light in the blue part of the spectrum can contribute to sleep problems because those wavelengths suppress the body’s production of melatonin.

Cognizant of all of these factors, and freely admitting as well that it’s just plain cool, we are happy to introduce a Dark Mode for Iris Investigate. To enable it, go to the Help link (book icon in the left-hand navigation panel) and choose the theme:



We are always at work on ways to enhance your experience with Iris Investigate, and we hope you find Dark Mode helpful.

Happy exploring.