Digital illustration depicting intersecting lines and dots forming a complex network, with blue and red lights against a dark background, symbolizing modern technology and connectivity.

2021 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey Panel Discussion

The Evolution of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Landscape

The past year has been filled with changes to almost every aspect of daily life, and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) work did not go untouched. While this year’s survey captured some major ways in which CTI work has changed, there were also more subtle changes noted across this year’s responses with reversals of trends we had seen developing over the past several years. This year has also shown us how valuable time is, and we are appreciative of the practitioners who made the time to help us analyze the trends in CTI.

Even with the difficulties that 2020 brought, CTI work has continued to grow and mature—a record number of organizations report that they have clearly communicated intelligence requirements as well as methods and processes in place to measure the effectiveness of CTI programs. These improvements continue to show the resilience of the field and the value of CTI as a resource for clarity and prioritization when complex challenges arise.

Speakers will share insights on such key issues as:

  • How organizations and CTI analysts have adapted in response to the COVID-19 remote-workforce shift and the tools used to support them.
  • What this year’s data means to the industry and how the CTI field is growing.
  • Top improvements as a result of using CTI, including more automated tools and processes.

This webinar takes a deeper dive into the results of the SANS 2021 CTI Survey. SANS instructor and CTI specialist Robert M. Lee will moderate a panel that features sponsor representatives as they explore major themes developed during the survey. This includes DomainTools Senior Security Researcher Joe Slowik.