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Empower QRadar With Predictive Domain Analytics

IBM offers real-analytics and detection for security teams with QRadar SIEM, and yet many teams stop short of realizing the product’s full potential, especially with domain names and URLs observed in their proxy and DNS logs.

That’s why the DomainTools Iris dataset, and especially Domain Risk Score, make such powerful additions to a QRadar deployment. Join Director of Integrations, Mark Kendrick, to learn how DomainTools can bring these outcomes to your QRadar SIEM, plus see a preview of emerging DomainTools solutions for other IBM products, including IBM Resilient.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How teams that have deployed the DomainTools app for QRadar find events with malicious domains others may have missed
  • Where to tune correlation rules to precisely match domain ownership & hosting providers
  • How leveraging web profile attributes of every domain on their network makes threat hunting accessible for teams of all sizes