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Keeping communications secure and reliable.

Telecommunications providers are among the highest-profile targets, particularly for espionage, data theft, and denial-of-service. As a result, telecommunications companies need reliable adversary intelligence to understand and stay ahead of ongoing threats.

DomainTools delivers the next step in modern security operations.

The growing risk for Telecom providers

Successful hacks against telecommunications infrastructure can have far-reaching repercussions, ranging from denial-of-service to loss of intellectual property (the telecommunications provider’s or customer’s) to industrial or geopolitical espionage. Therefore, telecommunications organizations have a vested interest in learning all they can about the broader attack campaigns behind domains or IP addresses observed in successful or attempted cyber breaches.

Vulnerabilities in Network and Consumer Devices

New networks and devices provide new channels for attacks involving malware and technologies that basic solutions cannot easily resolve.

Ransomware and Phishing

Telecommunication companies have been the targets of several successful ransomware attacks in recent years. Sophisticated phishing campaigns also pose an ongoing threat.

Why DomainTools?

DomainTools is the gold standard in Internet infrastructure intelligence—leveraging the world’s largest DNS and domain database to map the Internet and reveal connected infrastructure used by bad actors.

DomainTools is uniquely positioned to aid in the characterization of adversaries carrying out attacks against telecommunications infrastructure and the enumeration of the assets controlled by attackers. Threat hunters and incident responders worldwide, including at some of the largest telecommunications providers, depend on DomainTools data for adversary infrastructure intelligence to build better detections and defenses.

With DomainTools,
you can:

Improve security efficiency to 79%

Detects malicious domains 96% faster

Identify 83% more malicious domains up to three days earlier

*Compared with using industry-standard or open-source monitors and blocklists

Act before
threats hit

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“I love the Domain Profile that Iris Investigate generates; it lets me quickly assess the potential threat of a domain,” said the Threat Intelligence analyst. “I find the Pivot Engine and passive DNS very useful for finding related domains that may also be malicious. All in all, Iris Investigate saves me a lot of time and streamlines my workflow.” Global Telecommunications Provider Threat Intelligence Analyst