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Eliminate Roadblocks. Add Revenue Streams.

A graph showing the comparison of cumulative expected costs over five years between building/maintaining in-house domain tools and using external domain tools. the costs of external tools are significantly lower after the first year.

Maximize Value with DomainTools®

The streamlined nature of DomainTools integration and support services provide valuable efficiency for OEM Partners.

A typical DomainTools integration requires two developers and approximately four weeks to complete. After that, the entire integration can be maintained in just a few hours annually.

Compare this to building similar capabilities in-house, which may require a team of ten developers dedicating an unpredictable number of hours to both initial development and ongoing maintenance.

Enhance Your Existing Solution With Data On Dangerous Domains

OEM Partnership Benefits

  • Generate a new revenue stream with an add-on value.
  • Reduce or eliminate in-house development time and eliminate roadblocks to market.
  • Operationalize new intelligence quickly to meet your customers’ evolving demands.
  • Increase adoption and stickiness of your solution.
  • Access to the best-in-class DNS data sets available.

3 Ways to Leverage the DomainTools® OEM Program

Enrich domains with DomainTools Risk Scoring, Whois and DNS Infrastructure data. Our best-in-class intelligence powers alerting and response capabilities in many of the world’s leading security products.

Leverage the power of our phishing detection engine within your solution to bring your clients insight into emerging threats, empowering them to prevent fraud and costly phishing attacks.

Enhance detection and blocking of risky infrastructure with  a daily list of all newly-registered or newly observed domains identified by DomainTools data feeds.

An e-book cover titled "best practices: how to leverage domain and dns intelligence for oems" featuring an image of a person working at a computer desk.

Industry-Leading Internet Intelligence for OEM partners

Integration with DomainTools lets OEMs offer industry-leading internet intelligence solutions without the expense or time commitment of building in-house.

DomainTools Testimonial Incident Response Center

“If we were going to build similar capabilities, we would have to develop an awful lot of services from scratch. The number of services you would have to build is very large and complex, and the end product would not be nearly as complete as what you can get by integrating DomainTools.”

DomainTools Testimonial Dean Oberholzer

“As an OEM, DomainTools provides us with the data to make our security products more effective and intelligent and the tools used by our services to provide quicker and more actionable insight to our customers.”

DomainTools Testimonial Major City Agency

“Customer satisfaction with our product since we have released the capabilities has gone significantly up. It has helped us to close more deals and has helped us to identify true positive threats for customers earlier and those that we would not have otherwise seen.”

Deliver more value. Grow your revenue. Grab market share.

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