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Bolstering protection and defenses for PII and PHI.

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Healthcare organizations are a favored target for ransomware attacks, and the pace is increasing. Unfortunately, threat actors have no moral aversion to attacking vulnerable and high-stakes organizations. However, adversary infrastructure intelligence can bolster defenses against known/discovered attackers.

DomainTools delivers the next step in modern security operations.

Cyberattacks continue to threaten the healthcare industry.

Successful attacks against healthcare organizations are devastating, ranging from ransomware to remote tampering with medical IoT devices to manipulating prescriptions in electronic health records (EHRs). Therefore, healthcare organizations are vested in learning all they can about the persons or organizations behind domains or IP addresses observed in successful or attempted cyber breaches.

Patient Outcomes at Risk

Ransomware attacks on healthcare computer systems can result in the disruption of critical medical equipment such as ventilators and cardiac monitors. Additionally, a breach could affect the delay of diagnoses and subsequent treatment — placing patients in dire need of help at risk of potentially fatal outcomes.

Hospitals Face Penalties

By failing to protect patient records, organizations could face substantial penalties under HIPAA’s Privacy and Security Rules. And beyond regulatory repercussions, reputational harm and diminished public confidence can place hospitals in financial jeopardy.

Why DomainTools?

DomainTools is the industry standard in Internet infrastructure intelligence — leveraging the world’s largest DNS and domain database to map the Internet and reveal connected infrastructure used by bad actors. Many healthcare organizations are leveraging DomainTools today to improve their security posture.

DomainTools is uniquely positioned to aid in characterizing adversarial attacks against healthcare networks and enumerating the assets controlled by attackers. Additionally, threat hunters and incident responders worldwide depend on DomainTools data for adversary infrastructure intelligence to build better detections and defenses around PII and PHI.

With DomainTools,
you can:

Detect threats earlier in their lifecycle

Investigate malicious domains and IP addresses

*Compared with using industry-standard or open-source monitors and blocklists

Protect patient privacy
and clinical outcomes.

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