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The high-tech sector is ground zero for cyberattacks. Cyberdefense is often the last thought in a corporate culture designed to encourage fast, intense innovation and collaboration. As a result, technology organizations typically have a large attack surface to protect that often provides a path to other sectors.

DomainTools delivers the next step in modern security operations.

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Make Use of Adversary Infrastructure in the Technology Cyber Threat Landscape

Privacy breaches are increasing across the tech industry.

Companies in the technology sector are at high risk of having their intellectual property (IP) lost or stolen. While state actors and commercial competitors often cause IP theft, insiders and inadvertent exposures are also a significant threat.

Stolen Credentials

Cyber criminals can infiltrate a tech company’s network, download encrypted user credentials and sensitive information from millions of customers, and sell all that information for financial gain.

Suspension of Business Operations

Loss of critical IP can cripple a technology company’s operations, either because competitors leverage the stolen capabilities, or because they disrupt the debut of game-changing technology.

Why DomainTools?

DomainTools is the gold standard in Internet infrastructure intelligence — leveraging the world’s largest DNS and domain database to map the Internet and reveal connected infrastructure used by bad actors.

DomainTools is uniquely positioned to aid in characterizing adversaries carrying out attacks against high-technology infrastructure and the enumeration of the assets controlled by attackers. Threat hunters and incident responders at technology companies worldwide depend on DomainTools data for adversary infrastructure intelligence to build better detections and defenses.

With DomainTools,
you can:

Predict the risk level of likely threats before they cause damage

Lower the chance of incidents by 19%

*Compared with using industry-standard or open-source monitors and blocklists

Protect your
organization’s IP

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Learn how DomainTools improves security team efficiency by 79%

“Our Threat Intelligence team has identified close to 500 malicious domains from cybersquatters attempting to damage the brand of at least six different US and UK based multinational companies.” AlertLogic