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Farsight Newly Observed Domains

Early Protection from Unknown Domains

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New domains are created and published every day as part of the Domain Name System (DNS) – but not all of them are created for legitimate purposes. Bad actors use new domains for criminal activities such as spam, malware distribution or botnets in the first minutes of creating them. Farsight NOD provides organizations with real-time actionable insights based on the newness of a domain.

Farsight NOD Features and Benefits

“Farsight’s NOD protected, on average, each of my users at least once a day.”

What makes Farsight NOD Superior?

We observe millions of domains each day and detect that more than 100,000 of those are newly configured from the perspective of the historical DNSDB database. Leveraging more than 2 TB of daily real-time Passive DNS data, NOD discovers newly configured domains when they are first used. This is a great contrast to the typical 17 hours after registration using other discovery methods such as TLD Zone File Access or WHOIS.

NOD is available as a real-time stream as Security Information Exchange (SIE) Channel 212. With NOD, newly observed domains in DNS zone file format can be queried or downloaded.

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