Cybersecurity for Retail

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Send Cyber Threats in Retail Packing

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Growing cyber threats in retail pose increased risks for businesses and customers. Advanced technologies like large language models (LLMs) make it easier for bad actors to create convincing lures, highlighting the urgency for strong cybersecurity measures. DomainTools proactively safeguards against data breaches, consumer-based attacks, phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and other threats.

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The Industry Best Practices Guide for Strengthening Retail Storefronts

DomainTools spotlights cyber threats targeting retail, detailing challenges across the current threat landscape while showcasing the value of DNS and DNS-adjacent data in adversary analysis. Discover how organizations are solving important security problems to stay ahead in cybersecurity.

Evolving Threats Demand Focused Protection

Retail faces rising cyber threats from AI-generated deepfakes and advanced malware, jeopardizing customer trust and business continuity. DomainTools provides proactive defense, safeguarding personal data in supply chains, infrastructure, payment systems, and processes.

Why DomainTools?

DomainTools empowers retail businesses with comprehensive tools for cybersecurity, safeguarding operations, customer data, and brand reputation from modern cyber threats. Retailers using our services enhance their defense against the latest cybersecurity risks, securing financial assets and customer trust.

With DomainTools, you can:

Accelerate malicious domain detection by up to 96%

Identify 83% more malicious domains up to three days sooner

Enhance security efficiency to 79%

*Compared with using industry-standard or open-source monitors and blocklists

Securing Online Retail
Against Modern Cyber Threats

DomainTools provides advanced cybersecurity solutions for online retail, defending against ransomware, impersonations, and other critical threats. Our tools go beyond traditional security measures, offering proactive defenses and strategic insights to help retailers navigate and mitigate complex cyber threats.

Security Analysis

Our proactive strategies and security measures keep retailers one step ahead of potential cyber risks, ensuring a secure retail environment.

Incident Response

We prioritize quick identification, containment, and resolution of security incidents to maintain business continuity and protect consumer data.

Threat Hunting

Our early detection and prevention strategies are vital to safeguarding retailers against emerging threats and unknown vulnerabilities.

Infringement & Spoofing Detection

We help prevent fraud and impersonation attacks that draw unsuspecting shoppers away from the companies they imitate.

Defend Your Business from Cyber Adversaries

Get secure with DomainTools – your go-to for easy-to-implement cybersecurity solutions, safeguarding your retail business from digital threats. Don’t delay, ensure the safety of customer data and smooth operations now.