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Predictive risk scoring and infrastructure profiling

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Leverage our daily predictive risk scoring feeds and gain a risk-based view of newly registered or updated hosts, IPs and domains.

  • Block domains before they’re weaponized
  • Respond faster
  • Build accurate predictive domain risk scoring into your new and existing workflows

Predictive Risk Scoring Feeds

We’ve done the hard work of tracking 97% of the internet for you.

Identify newly registered domains across the Internet for early awareness.

DomainTools Threat Intelligence Feeds Predictive Risk Scoring Feeds

About the DomainTools Risk Score

Drawing upon data points from more than 390 million current Internet domains, DomainTools Risk Score predicts how likely a domain is to be malicious, often before it is weaponized. The score comes from two distinct algorithms: Proximity and Threat Profile. Proximity evaluates the likelihood a domain may be part of an attack by analyzing how closely connected it is to other known-bad domains. Threat Profile leverages machine learning to model how closely a domain’s intrinsic properties resemble others used for spam, phishing, or malware.

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Plug into the world’s largest passive DNS intelligence solution

Quickly predict the associated risk and threats of a domain or IP address.

API access to data sets for flexible use in commercial and home-grown tools.

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