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Millions of hostnames are created every day as part of the Domain Name System (DNS). Often, bad actors use hostnames to impersonate other organizations. Security teams need to know when new hostnames are put into use in real-time. Unfortunately, this insight is not readily available because it is broadly distributed across many recursive and authoritative name servers around the world.

Farsight NOH Features and Benefits

“Farsight’s NOH is very valuable for malware discovery.”

— Senior Security Analyst, Fortune 500 Investment Manager

What makes Farsight NOH Superior?

NOH leverages more than 5 TB of real-time Passive DNS data to detect hundreds of millions of hostnames per day. Farsight validates that more than 25 million of those hostnames are newly configured from the perspective of the historical DNSDB database.

NOH is available in real-time stream using Security Information Exchange (SIE) Channel 213 or an hourly CSV format file.

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