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Make Unknown Threats Known Before They Do Damage

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Organizations have achieved notable improvements in their overall security postures by formalizing threat hunting as a regular discipline. This includes earlier detections, better attack surface monitoring, more comprehensive attack profiling, and reduced remediation efforts.

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ESG Report
The Economic Benefits of DomainTools Internet Intelligence
Detect 96% More Malicious Domains

DomainTools delivers

the next-step in modern security operations.

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Decisive intelligence. Fast.

Understanding threats requires data, but it shouldn’t take time. Adding DomainTools to your Security Operations Center (SOC) program means you have the freshest data available at full-Internet scale. Don’t spend time hunting for data. Use gold-standard data to hunt threats.

  • Comprehensive Data Sources
  • Insights into Emerging Threats
  • Domain Risk Assessment

DomainTools is the threat intelligence engine that powers best-in-class security programs.

With near-real-time access to nearly all of the Internet, you can detect threats earlier in their lifecycle without adding noise.

Gain situational awareness

DomainTools gives you the data and insight necessary to understand what’s happening on the Internet that might pose a threat.

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Defend against future attacks

Near-real-time visibility gives you the upper hand in seeing attacker infrastructure as it’s built, before attacks are launched.

Fight back

Predictive risk scoring, with full-Internet context, lets you know which threats are critical and how to stop them in their tracks.

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Root out threats and never be caught off guard

DomainTools is the gold standard in Internet intelligence. Discover IOCs and malicious infrastructure that may be hiding inside your network

Platform and APIs

Enrich on-network indicators with the freshest data, at scale, in near-real-time.

Map adversary infrastructure and streamline investigations.

Enumerate threat actor infrastructure with near real-time, best-in-class passive DNS.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Predict the risk level and likely threats from domains and IP addresses before they do damage.

Anticipate nascent campaigns with the freshest data on newly discovered or active domains, IPs and hostnames.

DomainTools Testimonial Incident Response Center

DomainTools provides us with insights that allow us to identify potential threats before they occur.”

— Global Manager, Incident Response Center

DomainTools Testimonial Dean Oberholzer

DomainTools saves our investigators an enormous amount of time which means our clients save a significant amount of money.”

— Dean Oberholzer, Consultant, Horizon Forensics

DomainTools Testimonial Major City Agency

Iris provides us with an important new lens across the threat landscape, allowing our team to literally see things we couldn’t see before.”

— CISO, Major City Agency

DomainTools Testimonial John Todd

The results have been outstanding! This has been a very successful threat source activation for Quad9… and it’s clearly been a big win for helping to keep our users safe.”

— John Todd, Executive Director, Quad9

The DomainTools Difference

We make connections and assign risk to everything we see and find. And we find a lot.

Built on

20 years

of engineering experience and threat knowledge

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Access to


of open-source data points

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Reaches into


of the full Internet

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Updated in near-real-time

Do More with DomainTools

Use the most extensive platform and data to power your program.

Respond to and triage potential incidents with confidence and speed.

Know if and when malicious domains are spoofing your assets before they cause damage.

Detect relevant threats earlier in their lifecycle without adding noise.

Monitor your online assets and protect your brand against cybercriminals.

Empower your homegrown or third party security applications with the world’s best Internet intelligence.