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The MSSP and MDR Challenge

Organizations today face a more challenging and perilous threat landscape than ever before. As threat actors continue to multiply, and attack vectors continue to evolve, security teams must keep pace. Additionally, organizations often fail to acquire or retain the expertise necessary to respond to the ever-evolving threat landscape. Because of these inherent challenges, many organizations are turning to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) like you to protect their most sensitive data and systems.

Deliver Intelligence For Customers

Customers expect that MSSPs will rapidly identify, contextualize, prioritize, and effectively respond to threats – all with a high degree of accuracy. They need ongoing Threat and Risk Intelligence that is timely, relevant, and actionable for their business. They may also expect a thorough Incident Response process that delivers results and a more proactive security posture. DomainTools® delivers the intelligence you need to deliver results.

MSSPs and MDRs Are Better With DomainTools®

Key Advantages

  • Provide a more customer-centric approach to security with better intelligence
  • Identify, investigate, prioritize and respond to threats faster to exceed SLAs
  • Differentiate your service offering in a competitive MSSP/MDR market
  • Improve both value and ROI for SIEMs
  • Realize a more proactive and intelligence-driven security posture
  • Experience a cost model that better aligns with OPEX preference
  • Automate routine tasks to focus on more value-added services


Better Data Gives You Better Answers

Put the world’s largest database of domain profile information and industry-leading Passive DNS data from Farsight Security and other top-tier providers to work for you and avoid the blind spots that come with inferior data sources.

Designed by Investigators, for Investigators

DomainTools works with some of the best security analysts and threat hunters in the world. With features like Guided Pivots, you are able to quickly pinpoint the most valuable investigative path.

Changes the Economics of Adversary Analysis

The expense of hiring external expertise or assigning internal resources to adversary analysis has always been prohibitive. The DomainTools Iris platform changes the equation, enabling high-confidence adversary profiling and attribution at costs far below traditional means.

Provides Visibility Beyond the Firewall

Simply identifying malicious domains and IP addresses doesn’t protect organizations against the extended networks operated by threat actors. The DomainTools Iris platform gives organizations the ability to create forensic maps of criminal activity to triage threat indicators, assess risk, and prevent future attacks.

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