Everything you need including endpoint, response formats, sample queries and product service levels.

API Overview

Build better products and augment existing Threat Intel data

When having scalable and flexible access to DomainTools’ market leading domain intelligence data is critical to your business, you need the DomainTools API. It delivers all the data that drives the industry-leading research and monitoring tools on this site. In particular, if you’re using our data for security investigations or incident response, you cannot afford stale, inaccurate or missing records. Here’s what you get with our API:

  • More domains than anyone else — 300M+
  • ccTLDs and new TLDs in addition to all gTLDs
  • The industry’s best Whois History, ‘Reverse’ and Monitor API products to augment domain name investigations
  • Reliable, fast and high-volume service from dedicated data centers
  • Competitive pricing and free trial
Getting Access to DomainTools’ APIs

We have a simple and competitive pricing model. API’s are sold as monthly data plans — like a cell phone data plan — so you know exactly how much you can use and how much you’re going to spend each month. You can see the various query volumes available in each access level on our API Packages page.

Contact us for our full pricing sheet, including all volume levels and prices for our Reverse Whois, Whois History and Domain Search API’s.

API Products

For the technical details on our API, visit getting started.
To use our Python API, visit https://github.com/domaintools/python_api.
To see the code in action, check out our sample queries.
For technical details on our Splunk App, visit our Splunk App documentation.

General Information