Cybersecurity for Financial Services

with DomainTools®

Increasing the financial sector’s resilience against attacks.

The finance sector is among the highest-profile targets for cybercrime, intellectual property theft, extortion, fraud, and espionage. Finance is commonly targeted with online sites and domains that spoof legitimate holdings, usually for credential harvesting or spearphishing.

DomainTools delivers the next step in modern security operations.

Industry-Leading Internet Intelligence for Financial Services

Domaintools offers insights into the cyber threats facing the financial sector, what the landscape looks like for defenders, and how security teams are making effective use of adversary infrastructure analysis to gain an edge.

The financial sector faces increasing cyber challenges.

Malicious actors targeting the financial services sector range from low-capability crimeware affiliates to the most sophisticated state-sponsored groups. The sector also hosts an enormous and diverse attack surface ranging from consumers and their associated portals and applications to fund transfer infrastructure to well-protected back-end systems.

Continuous Digital Innovation

Financial institutions adopt emerging technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and digital services. As a result, organizations operate more devices and components that increase the attack surface.

Complex Regulations

As financial institutions become more reliant on emerging technologies, they are faced with constantly evolving regulations and legislation.

Why DomainTools?

DomainTools is the gold standard in Internet infrastructure intelligence — leveraging the world’s largest DNS and domain database to map the Internet and reveal connected infrastructure used by bad actors.

DomainTools is uniquely positioned to aid in the characterization of adversaries carrying out attacks against financial institutions and networks and the enumeration of the assets controlled by attackers. Financial-sector threat hunters and incident responders worldwide depend on DomainTools data to build better detections and defenses for adversary infrastructure intelligence.

According to Enterprise Strategy Group,

Detects malicious domains 96% faster

Identifies 83% more malicious domains up to three days earlier

*Compared with using industry-standard or open-source monitors and blocklists

Defend financial firms
from bad actors.

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