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Elastic (ELK) Stack

Maximize Your SecOps

The DomainTools® App for Elastic provides maximum value for our customers who are utilizing Elastic within their SecOps. Elastic customers utilizing the ELK stack can readily leverage all functionalities out of the box.

The DomainTools app focuses on enabling core enrichment functionality along with a purpose-built user interface that will help analyze our diverse dataset—giving you deep visibility of your network events. Gain all this while creating a stable and scalable app architecture that can grow with your adoption.

Gain Visibility of Network Events

Support and Learning

About Elastic

Elastic builds enterprise search, observability, and security solutions to make data usable in real time and at scale. From finding documents to monitoring infrastructure to hunting for threats, Elastic solutions are built on one, free and open technology stack that can be deployed anywhere to instantly find actionable insights from any type of data. 

The Elastic (ELK) Stack has long been used by security teams and organizations to extract valuable security insights from all their data, enabling them to evolve quickly and solve complex security problems. Elastic Security builds on the power of the Elastic Stack to deliver pre-built capabilities that help security teams evolve even faster. The solution enables a unified, out of the box approach to security — with the inherent benefits of speed, scale, and relevance that Elasticsearch is known for.

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