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Map connected infrastructure to get ahead of threats

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Track the wolf;
Find the pack.

Iris Investigate combines enterprise-grade domain intelligence and risk scoring with industry-leading passive DNS data. An intuitive web interface and corresponding APIs query these data sources to help security teams quickly and efficiently investigate potential cybercrime and cyberespionage.

Key Benefits

  • Sophisticated Connections Across Datasets 
  • Comprehensive Data Sources
  • Investigation Workflow Management
  • Infrastructure Risk Assessment

See threats and their past to stop the next attack.

Iris Investigate API Offerings

Accelerate Analysis of Malicious Online Infrastructure

  • Delivers dozens of domain name attributes on every result including Risk Score, DNS, Whois, SSL, and more.
  • Enables easy pivoting through different domain name attributes and exposes meaningful insights with connection counts on most data fields.
  • Designed for human-scale interactions and seamless integration with 3rd party or other purpose-built platforms.

Confidence in the Data

The most trusted online infrastructure data. Anywhere.


Near real-time risk scoring on all newly registered and discovered domains


>97% of currently registered domains


Sophisticated associations across datasets to accelerate action.

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