Hands On With DomainTools Iris Detect

In this brown-bag walkthrough and Q&A session, Security Evangelist Tim Helming will conduct a live walkthrough of the recently-launched Iris Detect—a new tool for discovering, watching, and taking action against lookalike domains. Tim will demonstrate the major workflows and use cases that Iris Detect supports, illustrating them with infrastructure that is being created and then detected in near-real-time — emphasizing the speed and coverage this tool places in the analyst’s hands.

But it gets better:

As an attendee, you’ll receive a 30-day trial of Iris Detect so you can try it out in your own environment! Please join Tim on Wednesday, April 20th at 10am PT.

Tim Helming

Tim Helming

DomainTools Security Evangelist, has over 20 years of experience in information security, from DNS and network to cloud to application and ICS attacks and defenses. At DomainTools, he applies this background to helping organizations understand the threat landscape, especially in the area of malicious online infrastructure. He also helps evangelize the company’s growing portfolio of investigative and proactive cyber defense offerings. Prior to DomainTools, he has led Product teams at WatchGuard Technologies and Dragos. Tim has spoken at security conferences such as FIRST, InfoSec World, BSides Las Vegas, FireEye/MIRcon, and AusCERT, as well as media events and technology partner conferences worldwide.

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Enterprise Security Capabilities

Threat Intelligence

Detect relevant IoCs earlier in their lifecycle to disrupt incipient attacks.

Brand Protection

Defend your reputation and online assets from cybercriminals.

Phishing and Fraud Prevention

Discover malicious domains spoofing your organization before they can cause harm.

Forensics & Incident Response

Get real answers and powerful insights for attack response and prevention.

Threat Hunting

Enumerate threat assets in order to expose emerging or dormant attack campaigns.

Application Enrichment

Power your Managed Services or OEM product with best-in-class threat data.

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“Iris Investigate combines enterprise-grade domain intelligence and risk scoring with passive DNS.”

DomainTools Hands On with DomainTools Iris Detect SC Media Five Stars

Detect Lookalike Domains With Unmatched Speed and Coverage