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Prepare for RiskIQ End of Life

DomainTools, the global leader in Internet intelligence, is at the forefront of cybersecurity. As RiskIQ phases out in Microsoft Defender, our commitment to extensive coverage, depth, timeliness, and predictive risk scoring applications solidifies our position as the premier choice for detecting and preemptively defending against cyber threats

The DomainTools® Advantage

“It always starts with DNS”– virtually every significant cyber threat, no matter how sophisticated, uses Internet infrastructure that can be identified, analyzed, and categorized. DomainTools enhances internet security by seamlessly integrating with leading SOC tools to provide threat profiling, adversary campaign mapping, and predictive domain risk scoring to bolster organizational security proactively and forensically.

Enterprise Grade Internet Intelligence

Our comprehensive internet intelligence includes active and passive DNS, Whois, x.509 certificates,and dozens of other data types, with 23+ years of historical records for thorough coverage and visibility. DomainTools is the gold standard in:

  • Data Freshness – Anticipate emerging campaigns with the freshest, most complete data on newly discovered or active domains, IPs and hostnames.
  • Predictive Intelligence – Spotlighting threats early in their lifecycle with DomainTools predictive risk scoring.
  • Historical Insight – Leverage our extensive historical data and knowledge to model and predict domains and infrastructure likely to be registered with malicious intent.
  • Rich Integrations – Strengthen the SOC by seamlessly integrating domain profiles and risk scores into your preferred SIEM, SOAR, or threat intelligence platforms.

Data Quality and Domain Expertise

Our strength lies in our data’s quality and comprehensive nature, coupled with decades of expertise in Whois/domain profile information. This depth of knowledge is essential in predicting adversary campaign tactics and strategies, particularly in understanding their infrastructure usage and historical changes.

Advanced Capabilities of Iris Investigate

Elevating threat intelligence capabilities just got a lot easier. Compared to RiskIQ PassiveTotal, DomainTools Iris Investigate delivers:

  • Advanced Search – Enhance threat hunting capabilities and identify newly active domains faster with Iris Investigate’s advanced search.
  • Visual Analytics – Iris Investigate transcends RiskIQ PassiveTotal with onboard visualization, presenting a clear picture for threat investigations.
  • Global pDNS Sources – Iris Investigate combines premier passive DNS sources, offering you a rich data tapestry at no extra cost.
  • More Connections – Uncover intricate domain connections, broaden your investigative reach, and discover hidden pivot points with Iris Investigate.

Unify Past and Present with Farsight DNSDB

Farsight DNSDB offers a panoramic view of the DNS landscape, eliminating blind spots by combining historical data with real-time intelligence for complete infrastructure visibility. Through retrospective analysis, you can identify an adversary’s patterns of infrastructure use to minimize future risks from that same actor.

Cost-Effective Intelligence

For enterprises, Iris Investigate is a powerful, cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence. Unlike Microsoft Defender, DomainTools’ enterprise licensing is not limited by per-user pricing — resulting in a model that respects your organization’s scale and complexity.

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DomainTools, the first place to go when you need to know, equips leading organizations with in-depth, accurate insights. We provide the clarity and foresight you need for advanced cyber defense. With DomainTools, you’re not just keeping up but leading the way in cybersecurity.


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Empower Your Cybersecurity Strategy with DomainTools

DomainTools has been the trusted partner for accurate, primary-source internet intelligence for over two decades. Join the ranks of the best-equipped organizations in cybersecurity and explore how our solutions can transform your cybersecurity approach.

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