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Whether you’re exploring, investigating, or protecting, DomainTools® research and monitoring tools give you access to the most comprehensive database of domain name registration data, hosting history, IP address change events, screenshots, and other related DNS intelligence.

Build the most complete picture of a domain with our extensive research tools, and stay up-to-date with our powerful monitoring tools.

Get the Most From Your Domain Investments

  • Find new domains.  Discover your next domain with the industry’s best tools for finding new domains with Domain Search.
  • Research domain ownership. History products enable you to research domain ownership to find the owner of a domain you wish to buy or the provenance of a domain before a negotiation.
  • Monitor your interests. Monitor products enable you to track brand names for new registrations, whether a registrant picks up or drops domains, as domains are added or removed to a name server.
  • Start with TLDpedia. DomainTools TLDpedia and statistics pages are a great starting point for tracking the growth of new TLDs, finding the registry behind new or existing TLDs or the world’s allocation of IP addresses or domains by IP block.

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