DomainTools Enterprise

and Personal Memberships

For SOC, anti-fraud, brand protection, and other such teams, the DomainTools Enterprise membership offers the level of access and the suite of tools that such teams around the world have come to count on.

Packages in this membership can enable large-scale enrichment of domains in SIEM and TIP tools, as well as automation via SOAR and/or low-code or no-code tools. Packages within enterprise membership also include key datasets, such as passive DNS hostname information and risk score feeds, and sophisticated tools such as Iris Detect and Iris Investigate.

The Personal membership is designed for individuals who have low-volume needs for basic DNS research and monitoring in an interactive (web-based) model. It is not licensed for commercial business use, which often demands higher volume, automated access and alternate payment methods. Personal memberships also do not have access to our Enterprise support team, nor an account management team. (See our Terms of Service for more details.)

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Monthly Subscription Access




Web-based Research Tools

DNSDB Scout UI to access
industry-leading passive DNS

Starting at: 500

Domain Search


Starting at: 500

Reverse IP Lookup


Starting at: 500

Reverse NS Lookup


Starting at: 250

Reverse Whois


Starting at: 250

Reverse IP Whois


Passive DNS

Subdomain/hostname data

Historical Lookups

Starting at: 500

Whois History


Starting at: 500

Hosting History


Available APIs

Iris Detect

Iris Enrich

Iris Investigate

Domain and Hostname Visibility

Predictive Risk Scoring for domains and IP addresses

Monitoring Tools

Starting at: 20

Brand Monitor


Starting at: 20

Name Server Monitor


Starting at: 20

Registrant Monitor


Starting at: 20

IP Monitor



Iris Investigate Report

Starting at: 25

Domain Report


Reverse Whois Report

Sold Separately

Other Search Tools

Whois Lookup

Screenshot History

DNS Tools

Users Allowed


Non-Commercial, Single User ONLY1

Payment Options

Check, Wire Transfer, or Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Paypal or Credit Card ONLY

1 Any detection of shared account use or shared credentials is grounds for immediate account termination

We do not offer the ability for third party purchasing, invoicing, nor direct payments for Personal memberships; those features are only offered with an Enterprise subscription. Please see our terms of service for further clarity regarding services, licensing, and payment terms/requirements.

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