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In Seattle, the month of March comes in like a lion and goes out like an angry, spitting lion. As we hope for a kinder, gentler April, we’re excited to share a few highlights from this past quarter. We released our new product, Domain Risk Score, announced our integration with IBM QRadar, and hired top talent including our new VP of Product, Mike Jones, and VP of Engineering, Gunawan Herri. We hope you enjoy a peek into highlights from our last three months.

Balancing Cybersecurity and Individual Privacy – New Whois Data Protections in 2018

: Whois data is at a crossroads in 2018, under duress from EU data protection regulations, from within ICANN itself, and even from the Registrars and Registries that collect and store this data. Yet the security and protection of individuals, employees, customers, brands, Intellectual Property and a host of other important assets […]

From Cybercrime to Political Repression, Shedding Light on the Iranian Cyber Army

Enjoy a guest blog written by Collin Anderson as a supplement to his published work “Iran’s Cyber Threat: Espionage, Sabotage, and Revenge“. Collin Anderson is a Washington, DC–based researcher focused on cybersecurity and internet regulation, with an emphasis on countries that restrict the free flow of information […]

Introducing Our Innovative Domain Risk Score

As the culmination of many months of work and testing, we are proud to announce the official launch of our new Domain Risk Score. As part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers identify dangerous domains as early as possible, the new scores are simple, accurate, and informative. To put Domain Risk Score in context, though, let’s look back a bit to see how we got here […]

It’s a Big World (of Data) Out There

When it comes to profiling adversaries and mapping their infrastructure, more data is definitely better. Think about it this way: if you were about to land on an enemy beach which you knew held gun emplacements, you’d want to know where all of them were. Knowing about some, or even most of them, still portends a bad day; but if you could neutralize all of them ahead of time […]

Cybersquatting: When the Battle for Domains Turns Ugly

Luxury brands are popular targets for cybercriminals; one is just as likely to encounter a trunk-full of phony name brand products online as on the streets of New York City. Not only can online fraud tarnish the brand equity of any luxury retailer, it comes with a hefty price tag. According to the International Trademark Association, over $460 billion […]

Why Does Whois Matter For Security?

The context for why Whois data is extremely relevant for cybersecurity is not obvious to most people. Unless one has a background in DNS, threat analysis or attack attribution, or has had a chance to exercise Whois data sets as an investigative journalist, security researcher or consumer/brand protection professional, chances are it might take some help to connect the dots on this topic […]

Hunting Malicious Domains: Introducing DomainTools Threat Profile

There are, unfortunately, bad actors on the Internet who register, weaponize, and deploy domains as part of phishing, malware, or spam campaigns. Malicious domains make the internet a less safe and more annoying place for everyone. Our goal is to identify and flag these domains—domains registered with “malicious intent”—before they are weaponized […]

We will continue to work hard for all of you in Q2 . Additionally, we will be sure to keep you apprised of our progress, conferences and events, technical topics, industry news and much more. If there are any topics you would be interested in reading about on our blog, please feel free to tweet us at @DomainTools or leave us a comment below.