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DomainTools! GeekWire Bootstrapper of the Year

Last night was the annual GeekWire Awards, the Seattle tech industry’s version of the Oscars. We were fortunate enough to take home the Bootstrapper of the Year award, which recognizes local companies that have had significant growth without taking any outside funding. GeekWire readers decided the winners from finalists selected by a panel of judges, after an open call for nominations from the community.

Our fellow nominees were Flowroute, QuoteWizard, and SiftRock and we share the honor with them.


DomainTools Wins GeekWire Bootstrapper of the Year Award from DomainTools on Vimeo.

It is a slower path, and harder in many ways.

“Bootstrapping makes sense if you don’t have a billion dollar (total addressable market) and/or don’t want venture investors pushing you faster than disciplined businesses can sometimes move and/or you have a very strong desire to be self-determinate. It is a slower path, and harder in many ways. We didn’t have a strong thesis to return a high ROI on significant invested capital, so we didn’t look for or take any. But if such a thesis develops we would consider it.”
– Tim Chen, CEO