Cyber Threat Intelligence on the Up and Up

As you already know, DomainTools has worked tirelessly to build the world’s best database of Whois records, with coverage spanning all of the ccTLDs and each new gTLD as it comes online—not to mention the “big six” TLDs: com, net, org, biz, info, and us. We believe we have reason–because our customers tell us so–to claim that our coverage is unparalleled.



DomainTools recognizes that many investigations turn up not just one, but many domains–and that getting fast, accurate Whois information in a nice parsed format can be immensely valuable. And, since not everyone runs internal software that can call the DomainTools Parsed Whois API, we have released a new tool for our Enterprise customers to get bulk Parsed Whois data via a simple Web form.

How it works

It’s really quite simple: input your list of domains in a simple text box, and we generate a .csv file which automatically downloads in your browser.

  1. You can query up to 2,000 at a time, subject to your Enterprise contract’s monthly quotas. We’re pretty relaxed about format, too—comma delimited, space delimited, carriage-return delimited—all of those are fine!
  2. In the .csv you’ll find that each row corresponds to a domain from your list, with the Whois fields parsed out in the columns of the table. If any of the domains fails to parse for some reason, you’ll still see a link to the Whois lookup page for that domain so you can get the information that way.

Why this is important

Bulk Parsed Whois enables faster, more efficient analysis of the data. People seek Whois data because they are interested in learning about individual domains, groups of domains, the people behind domains or connections between domains. If you are using Whois data for security investigations or incident response, you already know that you need quick access to fresh, accurate and complete data. If you’re a DomainTools Enterprise customer, check it out today! And if not, here’s another great reason to consider upgrading!