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DomainTools and Farsight Security Join Forces to Deliver Best-in-class Threat Intelligence

Earlier today we announced that DomainTools has acquired Farsight Security, the market leader in global passive DNS data and observability. This is exciting not just for the capabilities of the combined organization and the security outcomes we can drive for our joint customers, but also because it brings us an outstanding team of technologists and employees who can help deliver on our mission to provide a safe and secure internet for all.  

It’s clear the combination of active DNS data collection, driven by DomainTools’ comprehensive and continuously updated map of new and existing domain names, and the passive observation of worldwide DNS communications and what new and existing domains and hostnames are actually seeing live DNS queries, is an extremely powerful one. This is why we have integrated Farsight passive DNS data into our Iris Investigate product for 5 years and why DomainTools was one of the few organizations Farsight Security allowed to resell its powerful API.  

When we pivoted into the security market many years ago I spent a lot of time at my first Black Hat conference talking to our customers. A repeated theme from those conversations was that there were a very limited number of threat intelligence data sources they trusted to have original, comprehensive and high-integrity data, and for which they had a daily need to access, and that two of those sources were DomainTools and Farsight Security. Today’s outcome was an idea sourced from those conversations, and the result of many years getting to know Dr. Paul Vixie and his outstanding team. It also builds on the thesis we had when DomainTools itself partnered with Battery Ventures to accelerate our ability to deliver on our Mission.

Both DomainTools and Farsight Security believe that effective security starts with having access to and ultimately joining comprehensive data inside and outside the network edge. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive view of what exists, what is new, and what is changing in the Internet writ large, to be doing the data collection and observations ourselves and therefore control the data quality and veracity, to separate security signal from noise so we can detect and predict emerging threats, and to deliver our own analysis and outcomes as well as provide world-class data sets at scale for customers and partners to power their own security solutions. We are, in our strong opinion, all on the same team in this fight.

So today we celebrate one significant step forward towards a shared future of a safer and more secure Internet and to protect the employees, customers, and networks for enterprise customers of DomainTools and Farsight Security. Many people at both companies worked very hard to make this day possible, it’s now our job to make it meaningful to our customers and partners and to the Internet community more broadly. And that’s what we are going to do.