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A few weeks back we celebrated our 15 year anniversary here at DomainTools. It was a day of forest restoration with the Nature Consortium, nature puns (which were so mulch fun), a speech from our fearless leader, and a delightful assortment of food and drink. This is a pretty typical DomainTools anniversary bash, especially considering our leadership team has made giving back to our community a priority. In fact, as I was shoveling mulch, struggling to uproot tenacious blackberries, and silently singing every rose has its thorn– I realized how lucky I am to be apart of this team. So, in no particular order, here are 15 reasons I love working at DomainTools.

  1. Puns: I can’t provide too much insight into our internal communications, but hopefully this gives you a taste of how much word play is appreciated in our office. Please email us directly if you are interested in licensing any of these songs below:
  2. Working side by side with smart, modest, passionate employees: The second you walk into DomainTools, you can practically bask in the happy glow. This is a result of the recruiting process, which involves heavy investment from leadership, and consequently low turnover. Take Timothy Crosley for example.
  3. We genuinely have a good time at work: It doesn’t matter if we are discussing the product road map, or simply living the Seattle startup lifestyle, everyone goes out of their way to make each other laugh. As an example, when hardware falters, the Tech Ops team writes hilarious epitaphs (stay tuned for more on this subject in an upcoming blog post).
  4. Every conversation factors in what our security customers need to fight the good fight: it’s the foundation for our road map and the way we do business.
  5. We don’t overcomplicate our products’ value: We are confident in our data and stand behind our products’ value, therefore, we can cut the “pew pew” marketing method out our playbook.
  6. The office teaches us how to maintain a healthy amount of prank-paranoia: Need proof? Look no further…
  7. Leadership continuously invests in its employees: From countless trade shows, to technical courses, our team grows together to be the best we can be for our customers.
  8. Food: Yes, this may be “business as usual” in the Seattle startup community- but this doesn’t make the fact that we have a full fridge of sugary-goodness any less important.
  9. Flexible time off: DomainTools has trust in its employees, therefore our HR team has taken the pain of counting PTO out of the equation.
  10. Company events: A weekend trip to Whistler, company picnics, putt putt golf to name a few.
  11. In-house espresso machine: I fear many of us are now in a “complicated” Facebook relationship with caffeine now that we have our beautiful Italian espresso machine steps away…
  12. Thirsty Thursdays: Awww Thursday, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Thanks to DomainTools, not anymore! We tap the keg weekly and make sure our thirst is properly quenched.
  13. All in the family: All events are family friendly, which makes for a tight nit and well-rounded work environment.
  14. Best birthdays ever: Everyone gets a signed birthday card and a special dessert – how cool is that? No matter how much we have grown, our very own Karen K ensures everyone feels extra special on their day.
  15. Ping pong: The life blood of tech – it keeps the troops happy! This is how we actually table discussions.



Thank you for reading! If there are any topics you would be interested in hearing more about, feel free to tweet us at @DomainTools or leave us a comment below.