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DomainTools Employee Spotlight – Chad Anderson

Here we are again! It’s time to celebrate the hard working employees that make DomainTools, DomainTools. It’s my favorite time of the quarter, I have the opportunity to interrogate, I mean, interview one of my colleagues and uncover their passions. Earlier this year, I sat down with Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Kirk Leon Guerrero. A quick update on Kirk, he is still much better than me at ping pong (to my dismay). This quarter’s lucky winner is none other than Chad Anderson, our DevOps Engineer extraordinaire. Many of you may recognize Chad from our job postings as the gentleman that has has a special place in his heart for Sriracha. Luckily, we keep the Sriracha well stocked in these parts. With that, I’ll tell you more about Mr. Anderson.

From an early age, Chad has been captivated by computers. When he was ten, his dad, a “super nerd” who did networking at the aerospace firm McDonnel Douglas, recognized the importance of technical knowledge and bought Chad his own used Apple Macintosh Plus. As his interest in technology continued to grow, Chad found himself participating in the SciFi channel’s now defunct Mothership IRC network. Here, he had the opportunity to chat with other technical folks and learned to write a little bit of code. Although he initially joined the chat to discuss Star Trek, he developed an interest and passion for security, and a bit of tomfoolery. In fact, when Chad was a young lad of 12, his dad dropped him off at the Alexis Park Hotel in Las Vegas for Defcon 8. From our conversation, I learned how much Chad appreciated the game “spot the fed” as well as his innate ability to suss out when participants were “blowing smoke” when it came to discussing security and hacking. Jump forward a few years and Chad was working at LodgeNet doing Tier 1 support for FreeBSD and Linux systems followed by a position at Zuercher Technologies (a 911 software company out of South Dakota) as a DevOps Engineer. Luckily, Chad’s love for the city of Seattle led him to his current position at DomainTools.

Aside from making sure we can provide the best possible service to our customers and employees, Chad has many interests and passions. One of these interests includes futbol. He is season ticket holder here in Seattle and has been for three years (go Sounders!). As you can imagine, he is fairly excited for the FIFA World Cup! Outside of futbol, Chad has as passion for photography. As a committed film photographer, Chad has a darkroom in his home, he also shoots on a broad range of cameras varying from 4×5 to 35mm. His enthusiasm for film photography is centered around the opportunity to disconnect from all things digital. Chad’s major influences are Garry Winogrand, Josef Koudelka and Stephen Shore. I would highly recommend taking some time to enjoy Chad’s photography on Instagram.


Photo by Chad Anderson


Photo by Chad Anderson


It goes without saying, we are very lucky and excited to have Chad on the DomainTools team. Looking forward to sharing more fun DomainTools stories as our series continues.

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