Who's that Knocking at the Front Door?

Welcome to DomainTools quarterly Employee Spotlight! This is, without question one of my favorite excuses to force, I mean, invite my fellow employees at DomainTools to share more about their career and their passions. In our most recent Employee Spotlight blog post, I chatted with our CFO, Kirsten Duke. Kirsten can now be found as a synonym for daredevil/heroine in your thesaurus of choice (not really, but a gal can dream). Now, I’m pleased to introduce you, officially, to our resident prank expert (or Sr Manager, Business Intelligence), Huy Son. I will mention that Huy’s combination of photographic memory and love for mischief are a terrifying, and entertaining combination. He may, or may not, be the lead character in our Pranksgiving blog. Now that you have a Costco sample of Huy’s fun personality, let me dive deeper into the one, the only, the truly incomparable, Huy Son.

It may surprise some of you to learn that Huy used to be on the DomainTools marketing team. In fact, his marketing career has spanned the gamut. He’s been a marketing intern, specialist, associate manager, manager and senior manager at places like Limeade and Moxie Software. He learned (sadly after we were working together, I’m choosing not to blame myself for his career pivot), that what he enjoyed most about marketing was building the system itself. For example, Huy built our entire marketing tech stack years ago at DomainTools. His many talents include building and tracking how all of the pieces work together, while constantly looking to improve efficiencies. Now Huy is the Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, and helps enable every team at DomainTools. I’ve learned first hand that Huy is incredibly thoughtful and deliberate when it comes to building processes and tech stacks. They are always built to last, and he’s so good at it, I’ve forgiven him from leaving our marketing squad.

Huy’s passion for data and system building doesn’t just apply to his professional life. He also puts these skills to good use on his many adventures. For example, as an avid cyclist, Huy assembled his bikes to include all of the various sensors to collect and gather data on things like his average/max/min speeds, routes, elevation change, heart rate, power output, wind speed, which bike he used, etc. He also leverages external data and variables like weather (something he can pull via public APIs). Huy enjoys applying a similar approach to building systems and intelligence here at DomainTools; it takes a combination of internal and external data to make informed decisions. Outside of being a phenomenal biker, Huy also builds bikes, he skis as often as possible, and destroys all of his colleagues at Fantasy Football (where he is also league commissioner). You’ll also find Huy’s name in the top few slots of our Ping Pong ladder (reference in Kirk’s blog post as well).

All of us feel very lucky to have Huy on our team, even when he uses his powers of memory and mischief to execute unbelievably detailed and hilarious pranks. He taught me everything I know about ping pong (and Marketo), and always puts a smile on our faces with his wordplay. I’m looking forward to sharing more fun DomainTools stories as our series continues. If you are Interested in joining our team, check our job listings or enjoy this fantastic video about life at DomainTools.