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DomainTools Launches New Flagship Cybersecurity Product

Today I’m very proud to announce the launch of DomainTools Iris Investigate, our new flagship platform for cybersecurity threat investigations. Iris Investigate combines our industry-leading domain and IP ownership data, domain profile data, DNS data, and 15 years of historical Whois and hosting infrastructure data into an intuitive web interface designed around DNS investigation workflows. 



Three years ago DomainTools made the decision to focus a majority of the company’s resources on building products for the cybersecurity industry. Like everything with DomainTools, we began with data. Already the clear leader in Whois data, we set about to be even better: to know about more registered domains in DNS, specifically in ccTLD zones; to make our extensive datasets more current and therefore more accurate; to go beyond domain name Whois into other DNS datasets. And to parse, store and provision all of that data in order to productize it in ways nobody else can.

Iris Investigate is the web-based manifestation of those years of hard work. DomainTools’ legacy is delivering the world’s best Whois and DNS data through powerful web toolsets. Today we honor that legacy by evolving those individual tools into an integrated and cohesive platform that is exponentially more powerful than previous tools available on DomainTools.

To be sure, DomainTools has hundreds of Enterprise customers consuming these same datasets through our world-class APIs. But we know not every Security Operations Center has the development resources or backend datastores to simply ingest our data and manifest it through their own infrastructure. By doing the hard work to create a functional and robust web-based front end to our uniquely broad and deep datasets, DomainTools Iris Investigate effectively democratizes threat intelligence. Regardless of the size or maturity of an organization’s security posture, anyone with a browser and an Investigate-provisioned Account can articulate through the DomainTools data quickly and effectively.

Thank you for your continued support and business. We look forward to sharing our team’s hard work with you and invite you to learn more about Iris Investigate.


Tim Chen