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Fortune 15 Technology Enterprise Case Study

To deny that cybercriminals and threat actors are becoming more sophisticated in their approach would be a refusal to accept reality. As a result, forward-thinking security analysts are challenged to identify new technologies to proactively identify threats before a major data breach occurs. However, there are a wide variety of data and tool providers that make good security upgrade practices feel overwhelming and resource intensive. That being said, one great technique for finding the most effective new tools or data is to make a list of your organization’s objectives, and work backwards to discover which of these tools will provide the highest return (in terms of business outcomes).

In that vein, DomainTools recently teamed up with a Fortune 15 Technology enterprise that works to proactively detect advanced threats by utilizing our tools and data in order to dive into their business objectives, and see the impact of DomainTools data and tools:

Business Objectives

  • Identify malicious and copycat domains that might be used as a future attack vector against their infrastructure
  • Add suspicious domains to blocklists before an attack campaign is initiated

By applying an API integration, and various Whois, registrant, name server and brand monitoring services through DomainTools, this Fortune 15 Enterprise was able to accelerate identification and response to potential domain-based threats. Additionally, their proactive alerting of domains allows their team to manage the company’s 30,000+ protected domains.

To learn more about how DomainTools provides insight and get ahead of threats, feel free to download the full case study PDF. Finally, if you or your team ever need resources to help ensure you have the necessary security tools and data at your disposal, dive into how to translate value to leadership.