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Infosec To Go: Top Security Twitter Accounts of 2022

Anywhere You Go, I’ll Follow You Down

As a wise man once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” I think we can all agree that in the world of infosec, nothing could be more true. The good news is that we have access to information at our fingertips and a community of people who love to share. We’ve got webinars, blogs, industry articles, and of course, Twitter.

Back in 2016, we compiled a list of the Top Security Twitter Accounts, and while that list is still incredibly valuable and relevant, we thought we’d update our readers with some new handles to check out and add to your List.

Here’s Your Functional List of Security Experts in 2022

  1. Allan Liska
  2. Alyssa Miller
  3. April Wright
  4. Ashwin Krishnan
  5. Camille Stewart
  6. Chad Anderson
  7. Chris Sanders
  8. Florian Roth
  9. Jake Williams
  10. Jen Easterly
  11. Joe Slowik
  12. Jon Strand
  13. Katie Moussouris
  14. Katie Nickels
  15. Lesley Carhart
  16. Megan Roddie
  17. Nicola Whiting
  18. nullcookies
  19. Paul Vixie
  20. Rob Duhart Jr.
  21. Samara
  22. Sherrod DeGrippo
  23. Tracy Z. Maleeff 
  24. Zinet Kemal

Infosec-Related Journalists

  1. Andy Greenberg
  2. Anthony Lydgate
  3. Brian Krebs
  4. Cyrus Farivar
  5. Drew FitzGerald
  6. Eleanor Dallaway
  7. Graham Cluey
  8. Jeff Stone
  9. Joel Schectman
  10. Jose Pagliery
  11. Joseph Marks
  12. Kim Zetter
  13. Michelle Smith
  14. Nicole Perlroth
  15. Patrick Gray
  16. Raphael Satter
  17. Sean Gallagher
  18. Steve Reilly
  19. Steve Stecklow
  20. Thomas Rid

Top Humorous Security Handles in 2022

As you may know, we like to keep things light around here. We’re fans of memes, gifs (no matter how you pronounce it), and of course, puns. So here are some accounts that keep us laughing:

  1. Anthony Robinson
  2. CommitStrip
  3. CyberKnow
  4. Cybermat3rial
  5. I Am Developer
  6. Infosec Memes
  7. Jabs
  8. Joe Slowik
  9. Neckbeard Hacker
  10. SwiftOnSecurity

DomainTools Employee Accounts

*Shameless Self-Promotion Alert*  We wanted to share our accounts and folks from our org who are active in the Twittersphere. Follow them to keep up with what we’re working on, upcoming events and webinars, and our thoughts and opinions on the industry.

  1. DomainTools
  2. SecuritySnacks
  3. Aaron Gee-Clough
  4. Ben April 
  5. Daniel Schwalbe 
  6. Ian Campbell
  7. Kelsey LaBelle
  8. Sean McNee 
  9. Taylor Wilkes-Pierce
  10. Tim Helming