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Our technical operations team is critical for keeping the office afloat, which happens to be a very stressful job, so it’s only natural that they have a few outlets to remain sane. One of these outlets happens to be creativity. As an example, when faced with paying proper tribute to old hardware devices, tech ops found the best possible way to memorialize old hard drives. You may wonder, did this included a performance of “Another One Bytes the Dust”, “All You Need Is Dev”, or “Nothing Compares to CPU”?  But thankfully, the tech ops team settled on a much quieter option – hardware epitaphs. Long story short, I was provided with a stack of nearly 100 epitaphs that were previously attached to old hard drives (which were brought to my attention in the form of post it notes after our recent office move), I am excited to highlight the top 15 epitaphs below. Hope you enjoy!

  1. “Gone the way of the dodo”
  2. “I saved your data on my imaginary platters. It’s all there, I swear it is”
  3. “Corrupt, lying, forgetful Verdict: no longer worth bribing”
  4. “Der Blinken lights, blink no more”
  5. “No more magic smoke”
  6. “Definitely done dancing”
  7. “Pursuing life dream of being a brick”
  8. “The innocent always suffer first in war”
  9. “ It’s dead Jim!”
  10. “Le roi est mort Vive le roi”
  11. “Ashes, ashes We all fall down”
  12. “The karmic wheel turns The drivers failures are counted No heaven this time”
  13. “This drive is past tense”
  14. “The drive is spinning, but The blocks aren’t there”
  15. “He killed my father”

*No hard drives were harmed in the making of this blog