Background with codes and fingerprint

In the cybersecurity world, it comes as no surprise that connecting to unknown WiFi network can pose a threat to your device’s security. Yes, it is possible for threat actors (or amateurs, even) to spoof potentially free public WiFi SSIDs. When you are trying to survive a six hour layover and desperately wishing you could catch up with the top posts on Hacker News or the latest report from Brian Krebs, “Free Airport WiFi” is looking pretty darn irresistible. In the infosecurity space, connecting to these WiFi networks is as much of a faux pas as using a USB thumb drive without a thorough sweep of it’s potentially malicious files.

There is an area of WiFi SSID’s that I feel does not receive enough attention; creative and hilarious naming techniques. I fear this art form is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. To finally give creative naming the spotlight it so desperately deserves, I have spent the last few months collecting the top six SSIDs. I hope you enjoy!

VirusWormBot_v01: Although it lacks subtlety, if you are looking to send a quick, and hostile message this is always a great option:


SSID Names DomainTools blog


FBI_Watch_Van3: For those who prefer a more understated approach to the SSID, I find this generates similar results, but also earns a laugh or two:



PRETTY FLY FOR A WI FI: An important category to successful SSID naming is the pun. Although fairly overdone, who can resist a reference to The Offspring?


Tell_My_WiFi_Loveher: This is a fresh take on the WiFi pun with some added charm:



Beer here + Where is the beer?: If you are looking for an interesting way to communicate with neighbors, I highly suggest this format:



It Hurts When IP: For my all time favorite (yet another pun). I feel this option needs no introduction.



Hopefully these WiFis gave you a nice chuckle over the short holiday week. Stay safe out there and be sure to connect to networks you trust!