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The Sonny & Cher of Digital Intelligence Gathering

DomainTools for Maltego

Leveraged by our colleagues for digital intelligence gathering through data mining and correlation, DomainTools for Maltego is helping customers map attacker infrastructure with domains and IPs. One can get started with little to no dependencies. With knowledge of DNS and OSINT and you’re on the right path in Maltego.

Transforms in Maltego allow for visual graphs. Powered by the DomainTools Investigate API, local data and data from other tools, you will be able to gather intelligence in an easy-to-digest manner that can be shared. The comprehensive integration really helps to create a seamless view and provide an easy transition to human analysis. Another cool feature is the ability to preserves the results of a colleagues findings for future correlation and ongoing process improvement.

The benefits of leveraging the DomainTools dataset in Maltego includes:

Enable investigators and analysts to map connected infrastructure, run correlations, look at attribution, highlight risky domains, etc. to surfacing meaningful insights

Domain enrichment transforms to operate on domain names and deliver Maltego entities or generic phrases that are ideally suited for follow-on enrichment with DomainTools transforms or those from other sources

Investigate and pivot transforms to query the DomainTools Iris Investigate dataset and return domain names that share the same attributes as the value of the entity

Join Taylor Wilkes-Pierce to learn how DomainTools and Maltego have simplified and expedited cyber investigations by extending crucial enrichment data to provide a seamless workflow for both Maltego and DomainTools Iris Investigate users.