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A new industry buzzword in the infosecurity space is the concept of threat hunting. A now widely-accepted discipline (77% have a moderate or high degree of understanding about threat hunting) crafted to try and stay a step ahead of attacks by proactively detecting threats that might otherwise go unnoticed. This capability is picking up steam in organizations big and small, budgets seem to be increasing in fact, 51% of respondents expect to see their budgets increase in the next year according to a recent report by Cybersecurity Insiders. So, as you can imagine, more and more resources are being pooled into this function including tools and data galore, headcount, and of course budget.

One major barrier to success, in my humble opinion, is lack of threat hunting pump up music. Think about it, have you ever leaned on a playlist to get amped for a game? Or perhaps to ensure you are brimming with confidence for a big presentation? Or even for a workout? Well, have no fear. I went ahead and mitigated this missing threat hunting component. You can now happily hunt for threat actors on your network to songs like “Every Breath You Take” by the Police, or perhaps “Die Hard the Hunter” by Def Leppard. I hope this playlist gives you energy to get out there and scour your environment for nefarious indicators.

Am I missing any songs you’d like for me to add to the playlist? If so, comment below and I’ll make sure they are included.

Happy hunting!