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In the ever-changing world of infosec there are many different channels security professionals leverage to ensure their information and knowledge are up to snuff. In addition to our go to blogs, reddit threads and publications, Twitter has become a useful medium to share security news. Twitter has such a variety of content producers and consumers that some helpful bits of information get lost under a pile of tweets in your newsfeed. With this in mind, I went ahead and compiled a quick list of top twitter security handles to follow and make sure you are on your security game. There is no question that the topic of infosec is serious- but who says information sharing needs to be boring? To keep things light, this list includes security thought leaders and humorous security handles.

Let’s start with a functional list of security influencers



  1. Brian Krebs
  2. Rick Holland
  3. Dave Piscitello
  4. Byron Acohido
  5. Lenny Zeltser
  6. Dr. Anton Chuvakin
  7. John Kindervag
  8. Bruce Schneier


And to finish things off, a quick list of humorous security handles:



  1. Sardonic Server
  2. SecuriTay
  3. Vice Cyber
  4. Hipster Hacker
  5. Security Humor
  6. Infosec Archer
  7. Info Security Jerk
  8. PHP CEO

Hopefully these Twitter accounts will either provide you with some insight or quick laughs during your work week. If you have any favorite Twitter handles, please feel free to comment below, tweet at @DomainTools, or find us on Facebook.