Code Background

People who know the DomainTools story have a keen understanding that we have a pretty strong DIY mentality around here. We have pivoted this company to a new business model and a new target marketspace without the benefit of outside capital or outside counsel. But we’re smart enough to know what we don’t know, which is a whole heck of a lot in this burgeoning sector we call cybersecurity.

So we set out late last year to design an Advisory Board comprised of experienced cybersecurity executives dedicated to helping DomainTools drive product and growth strategies to meet the demands of the increasingly complex and evolving cybersecurity landscape. Today I’m thrilled to announce the appointment of security veteran Mike Convertino, VP and CISO at F5 Networks, as our first Advisory Board member.



Mike Convertino has over 26 years of experience leading large IT operations and security organizations and is extremely well respected in the industry. Prior to F5 Networks, he was CISO and VP of information security at CrowdStrike, Microsoft’s senior director of network security, and a decorated retired Air Force Colonel.

Here is Mike in his own words

“DomainTools has a unique story in the security industry and I’m truly excited to be working with the company to ensure the value of DomainTools data and innovative analysis capabilities are deeply integrated into the security community. I know first hand how critical DNS-based threat enrichment data is to security analysts and incident response professionals worldwide and whether in concert with established network security platforms or through DomainTools’ own Iris threat intelligence product, their tools can be a force-multiplier for security teams of all sizes and experience levels.”

Our newly formed Advisory Board will help guide DomainTools as we scale to meet the challenges of 2016 and beyond. We expect to add two more members in the first half of this year. All of our Advisory Board members will share our mission to build products that matter, that make a difference in the world, and that drive clear and quantifiable value to customers on the right side of the ongoing security battle.

Welcome, Mike. Let’s get started.