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Breaking Badness

140. Party of Five

A special in-person recording of Breaking Badness with five DomainTools players.

We’re doing something a little different on Breaking Badness this week! DomainTools has evolved to become a remote-first company and we’ve been recording our podcast with teammates from across the country. But recently, a few of us had the opportunity to meet in our Seattle headquarters for a casual infosecurity conversation (still filled with puns, we assure you). If you’re new to the podcast, welcome! If you’re a longtime listener, we hope you enjoy this different format – we’ll return to our regular programming next week!

The Power of T. Swift

Sure, we can all find a lot to disagree on, but one thing is for certain: Taylor Swift sure has a hold on us! Did you know the pop recording artist is into security? Is security the secret to success? It’s very likely given her popularity and staying power! We talk about the Swift camp’s dedication to protecting her intellectual property (IP) along with the turbulent experience many Swifties had with Ticketmaster on that fateful ticket sale day. Were you able to snag any? Yeah, neither could we 😞

Responses To An Economic Downturn 

The war in Ukraine is nearing its one year anniversary, which has become the first cyber war in our history. The team discusses how social media has been used by Ukraine in messaging for the way to control the narrative. 

The Happiest Malware Team on Earth

At the time of recording, Krebs on Security released a blog post on a cyber group syndicate calling themselves the “Disneyland Team” (apparently forgetting Disney’s battalion of attorneys?) In a possible first for the Breaking Badness podcast, Taylor Wilkes-Pierce performs a live play-by-play of one of the domains provided by Krebs for insight on the domain registration pattern. 

The Extinct Elephant in the Room 

In what may be considered the therapy portion of this episode, we discuss the increased popularity of Mastodon and how that makes us feel. There are definitely some positives to the shift in community gathering. We do have some tips and tricks to share if you’re also considering making the jump. Additionally, everyone in the recording studio is on Mastodon if you’d like to give them a follow: 

Be sure to give the episode a listen for a deeper dive on all of these topics as well as for some fun asides. Additionally, everyone in the recording studio is on Mastodon if you’d like to give them a follow: 

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