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The Art of the Possible Mini-Series

Coming up in this special Mini-Series on Breaking Badness.

Breaking Badness hit the road again in 2024 to RSAC in San Francisco! You may remember we met with folks last year in our Stronger Together Mini Series, and we were excited to reconnect with some old friends along, meeting new ones, and putting faces to names. 

As a reminder, this series is a different format from our weekly security news. Instead, this special segment on the podcast is made up of nine individual interviews with thought leaders from the infosecurity industry including: 

In this mini-series, there were some clear themes, but like the tagline of the event itself, the one that sticks out the most is possibility. As many repeatedly share in their interviews, there’s a lot to be excited about within our industry and our innovation and collaboration will help give bad actors more bad days.

Jori VanAntwerp and Steve Stone

We’re excited to roll out this year’s mini-series and we’ll go in order of those we spoke with. On day one of RSAC, we got to sit down with Jori VanAntwerp, Founder and CEO of EmberOT and Steve Stone of Rubrik Zero Labs. You’ll hear from Jori in the first half of the episode and Steve in the second half. 

Both will share their paths to infosec, what they’re currently excited about within the infosecurity space (and conversely, what’s concerning them). 

Jori discusses what it’s like to found two start-ups including how to support the community and finding the right staff. We’ll also discuss how IT tools need to better fit the OT (operational technology) environment. 

In our discussion with Steve, we talk at length about Rubrik Zero Labs’ latest whitepaper: Measuring Your Data’s Risk, especially as it pertains to the healthcare industry. We discuss why virtualization matters for healthcare and ransomware, the fallout from ransomware within the health space, and more. 

Special shoutout to Steve as he pointed out our Google Form was not working initially. Without Steve, we may not have been able to meet up with the folks we met at RSAC!


Ensuring Data Defensibility in an Era of Inevitable Breaches

Ben April and Allan Liska

We’re rolling out the next iteration of our mini-series from RSAC in this week’s episode of Breaking Badness! In this episode, we’re talking with Ben April, CTO of Maltego, and Allan Liska, Ransomware Sommelier with Recorded Future. You’ll hear from Ben in the first half of the episode and Allan in the second. 

Both Ben and Allan are old friends of the Breaking Badness Cybersecurity podcast. You may remember our conversation with Ben at RSAC 2023. Allan has been on the podcast so many times, we owe him a Five Timer’s Jacket á la SNL. 

In last year’s conversation with Ben, we discussed AI, which we revisit again this year. He believes the idea of AI has perhaps lost a bit of its magic, as he doesn’t see it as prominently as he did at RSAC 2023. We still discuss AI in the capacity of how it’s affecting the hiring process and how it could be impeding the progress of hiring within the cybersecurity space (especially with many currently looking for positions). 

Allan had a pretty busy morning the day I caught up with him at RSAC as on May 7, 2024, law enforcement named the person behind LockBit as Dmitry Khoroshev. Targets of LockBit Ransomware cannot pay him without getting a special exception and also cannot pay anyone who works for Khoroshev. We discuss where we think the next phase of LockBit is heading now that there are sanctions against the leader. We also discuss ransomware as a trope on TV and pop culture – and speaking of pop culture, Allan has been on the podcast previously to discuss his comic bookYours Truly, Johnny Dollar, which was sold at RSAC, but we also talk about a comic book anthology released recently that focuses on cybersecurity. Readers can expect to find stories that range from more sci-fi to the realities of dealing with burnout in the industry, and everything in between.

Be sure to listen to the episode for full details!

That’s about all we have for this week, you can find us on Twitter @domaintools, all of the articles mentioned in our podcast will always be included in our blog. Catch us Wednesdays at 9 AM Pacific time when we publish our next podcast and blog.

*A special thanks to John Roderick for our incredible podcast music!