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Breaking Badness

Voices from Infosec with Adam Levin and Beau Friedlander

Does Adam Levin Skydive? Is there another certainty besides death and taxes? Is there hope in cyberspace?

So here’s the thing. We thought we were doing another of our Voices from Infosec specials on Breaking Badness. What we didn’t realize was that we were basically booking a comedy show. Adam Levin and Beau Friedlander of What The Hack with Adam Levin had us in absolute stitches, in conversation that ranged from racing for pink slips to telephone scams to Frank Sinatra. Along the way, they dropped some truth bombs about staying secure online, what the infrastructure bill means for security, and the implications of our distraction-filled existence.

You may recognize Adam’s name as a founder of, or before that as the head of the Consumer Affairs department for the state of New Jersey. In short, this is a guy who’s been thinking about keeping folks safe from scams for a long time…and that perspective gave us new insights into where the current threat landscape fits into the bigger picture of electronically-enabled fraud and crime. Beau, meanwhile, who has written about countless topics over the years (many of them political), brought nuanced insights into topics like security (or privacy) by design, and how difficult it is—or is not—to implement best practices.

As with every episode, there is a Two Truths and a Lie segment, and this one didn’t disappoint! We’re not going to give it away here, but let’s just say that personalities as diverse as Frank Sinatra and the Unabomer make appearances…

We always invite you to listen to Breaking Badness, but we can also wholeheartedly recommend giving What the Hack with Adam Levin a listen too. You’ll be glad you did!

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